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Irish Harp - The national emblem of Ireland. The Dara Knot - The name Dara comes from the word doire, which is the Irish word for oak tree.. The Shamrock - The national flower of Ireland. The Celtic Tree Of Life - Symbolises the Druid belief in the connection between heaven and earth The Celtic cross is still considered an Irish Christian symbol. Aside from Christianity, it is believed that the circle was a symbol of energy. Thus, the cross can be considered as an energy or life source. It is no longer left to funeral monuments and famously placed. People wear the symbol to show their faith. Celtic Tree of Lif About Gaelic Gaelic vs. Scots . Scottish Gaelic is a Goedelic Celtic language poken in the Scottish Highlands. Gaelic is closely related to Irish and more distantly related to Welsh, Breton and Cornish. In fact, many words in Irish and Gaelic are identical, but spelled with differently angled accents Ailm is the Celtic symbol derived from the A of the Celtic Ogham alphabet. Ailm is assumed to mean conifer/silver fir. Conifers were associated with the healing of one's soul in the tree lore. In that sense, Ailm symbol is interpreted as the symbol of progress/moving forward. It can also be interpreted as a symbol of spiritual journey


The Celts and Celtic symbols have long been rooted in legend and lore, especially for their use of architecture and symbolism. An Indo-European tribe, the Celts were known to have covered large swaths of Europe, and have left remnants of their cultural practices throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and even the north of France There are two traditional Irish Celtic symbols for strength - the Dara Knot (above) and the Ailm. The symbols differ greatly in design, but their meanings are similar. The Celtic Ailm symbol is derived from the first letter of the Celtic Ogham alphabet Dara Celtic knot is related to the root system of oak tree. The Celts, especially Druids, considered the oak tree as sacred. They used to derive meaningful messages applicable to day-to-day life through the language of trees. Oak tree is the symbol of destiny, power, strength, wisdom, leadership and endurance The Celtic civilisation was far more enamoured with imagination than reality when creating their symbols. Scotch, kilts, castles, Loch Ness monster and Sean Connery aren't the only things that are undeniably Scottish! Scottish tattoo designs fall in the same list too

Gaelic-Celtic Symbols. Celtic Cross Meaning; Irish Round Towers; Sheela na Gig; Shamrock Symbol; Celtic Knot Meaning; Claddagh Ring; Music. Irish Song Lyrics; Famous Irish Songs; Wedding Songs; Names. Gaelic Names; Religion. Irish Prayers; Celtic Religion; Poems. Irish Love Poems; St Patrick's Day; Food/Drink. Irish Coffee; Whiskey Brands; Folklore. The Banshee; Leprechau Claddagh ring - love, loyalty, and friendship As far as ancient Gaelic symbols go, this is more of an Irish contemporary tradition, and yet it is wholly connected with Ireland. The Claddagh ring first spawned from Galway and it is intended to be given to a loved one. The ring is said to symbolise love, loyalty, and friendship The Irish harp, also known as the Gaelic harp, Celtic harp, or Clarsach, is a lesser-known traditional symbol of Ireland and believed to represent royalty and the immortality of the soul. In ancient times, bards and musicians played the harp for their chieftains and the tradition continued for later kings A triskelion or triskele is a motif consisting of three interlocked spirals. The triple spiral is one of the main symbols of Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism, often standing for the three realms - Land, Sea and Sky, or for one of a number of deities who are described in the lore as threefold or triadic

Celtic symbols are inspired by designs that are hundreds of years old such as ancient Celtic manuscripts including the 9th century masterpiece of Irish art history, 'The Book of Kells'. Irish Celtic symbols have been an inspiration for art and painting for a long time now A method of writing Scottish Gaelic using Tolkien's Tengwar alphabet devised by Ian James. Arwen, or the symbol of three rays, signifies a balance between two opposing or complimentary powers in the universe. Like the yin and yang of celtic symbolism The Irish loved to entertain guests with the use of a harp during the Gaelic times. Since then, it has always been a well-loved symbol or Ireland. The harp was used in documents written by Benedictine monks in the 8th century. It was also shown in coins made during the 1500s

The Awen: Symbol Of Divine Illumination The Awen is a Neo-Druid symbol of balance. The sign appears in Charlotte Guest's Mabinogion, a translation of old Welsh tales and folklore relating to legendary King Arthur Traditional music and Gaelic songs have been at the heart of Scottish culture for centuries and it has never been more important to support our many creative talents. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready for some foot-stomping tunes as you travel through Scotland to the sounds of the most exciting contemporary folk musicians and singers The harper, along with the reacaire (reciter) and the file (poet), was the epitome of Gaelic aristocratic culture. The Celtic harp stands for the immortality of the soul. In many traditions, harps symbolize the connection between earth and heaven. READ MORE: Celebrities On Finding Inner Peac If you are typing Gaelic in Nova Scotia, or quoting an older Scottish text, you may need the acute-accented characters á, é, or ó. To get these characters, press CTRL, and while holding down the CTRL key, type the e key. Then release both keys. Now immediately type a, e, or o

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Below, we'll show you the most accurate Celtic symbol for strength and inner strength and we'll offer some insight into where each comes from and what it really means. There are two Celtic symbols for strength: the Dara Knot, which has a beautiful interwoven design, and the Ailm, which represents strength, endurance, and resilience Symbols of Ireland are marks, images, or objects that represent Ireland. Because Ireland was not partitioned until 1922, many of the symbols of Ireland predate the division into Southern Ireland (later Irish Free State and then Ireland) and Northern Ireland.. Unlike other countries (such as the United States, with the state symbols), Irish and Northern Irish state symbols are rarely defined by. Trinity Knot - a recognisable Irish Celtic symbol for family This is one of the Irish Celtic symbols for family, as well as one of the most well-known Celtic representations. The Trinity Knot is also commonly referred to as a triquetra. This, in Latin, means a three-cornered shape Pages Related to Irish Shamrock Symbol. In order to get ready for the 17th March, the biggest day in the Irish calendar, you really should have a look at our St. Patrick's Day Poems and Songs page. There are many other Gaelic symbols, some not as well known as the shamrock. Make sure to have a look at the following pages too The Awen first on our list of 10 ancient Celtic symbols.. In the Celtic language, the word Awen means essence or inspiration. For pronunciation, it can either be said as ah-when, ou-when, or ah-oo-en.. A neo-Druid symbol whose invention is attributed to an 18th-century Welsh poet named Iolo Morgannwg

Celtic symbols held incredibly meaningful powers in the lives of those living from approximately 500 B.C. to 400 A.D. Celtic symbols can be beautifully intricate and in some cases filled with. Check out our gaelic symbols selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our digital shops Celtic Symbols. For centuries, Celtic symbols and signs held incredible power for the ancient Celts in every way of life. Today, we can learn about this power and utilize it by learning the language of Celtic symbols. The word Celtic refers to people who lived in Britain and Western Europe from 500 BC and 400 AD

The symbols are ornate and primitive a single look at them will bring back the memories of a glorious, traditional past. They have many ancient meanings: protection, family, animals, friendship, father, mother, brother, sister, daughter and more A Celtic Symbol for Irish Pride: The Harp. The Irish harp, also known as the Gaelic harp, Celtic harp, or Clarsach, is a lesser-known traditional symbol of Ireland. It is believed to represent royalty and the immortality of the soul. In ancient times, bards and musicians used to play the harp for their chieftains and the tradition continued for. Celtic symbol meanings can change from tribe to tribe, and also morph over time. Note: Whenever possible, I have cited my sources of information (even when it's just my own observations or from my personal sources such as family and friends).To the best of my ability, I strive to provide the most accurate information on Celtic symbolism and wisdom Scottish Gaelic written signs. Category:Scottish Gaelic letters: Scottish Gaelic symbols that represent single sounds. Variations of letters, such as letters with diacritics, should also be categorized here

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  1. Celtic Symbols from Ancient Times. The following Celtic Symbols are included in this section. The triquetra, The Sheela-Na-gig, The Celtic Cross, The Spiral, The Green Man, The Celtic Knot, Continuing looping symbol. There are very few written records of Celtic mythology. The little that can be surmised about the Celts and their religious.
  2. Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic Number Gaelic 20 fichead 30 trithead 40 ceathrad 50 caogad 60 seasgad 70 seachdad 80 ochdad 90 naochad 21 fichead 's a h-aon 31 trithead 's a h-aon 41 ceathrad 's a h-aon 51 caogad 's a h-aon 61 seasgad 's a h-aon 71 seachdad 's a h-aon 81 ochdad 's a h-ao
  3. The Gaelic Written Alphabet today (an aibítir) Today people write and type Irish Gaelic with the standard Latin alphabet. The Irish alphabet uses 24 of the 26 letters of the English alphabet, as opposed to the original number of 18. That said, there are few words with j, k, v, x, y or z, and the ones which do exist are generally words.
  4. This article will give both Wiccan symbols and Gaelic runes for as many things as I can think of. Remember: symbols are what you make of them. Not every idea has an exact, single symbol agreed on by everyone. Often times, making up your own symbols can be the best for a truly personal spell

Gaelic Fonts for MS-Windows — basic information and a summary of what's available. Gaelic fonts available on the internet range from new ones, through well-established ones, to a number of old ones which are obsolete but show no sign of fading away Tengwar for Scottish Gaelic. A method of writing Scottish Gaelic using Tolkien's Tengwar alphabet devised by Ian James. Arwen, or the symbol of three rays, signifies a balance between two opposing or complimentary powers in the universe. Like the yin and yang of celtic symbolism. Druid Symbols The Beehive. Photo: muuranker / flickr / CC-BY-NC 2.0. Thanks to centuries of Freemason history and the dilution of some of their core beliefs, the beehive may be one of the most contested symbols in their society. On the surface, the hive stands for industry and the need for masons to keep the world buzzing along

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Introduction The Gal Gréine or Sunburst flag is one of the few symbols of modern Ireland and Irishness that can claim to have deep roots in native Irish and Gaelic tradition. Also known as the Irish or Fenian Sunburst, stories and images of the banner have circulated among Gaelic communities at home and abroad since the late Medieval period, gaining popularity i symbol - translation to Irish Gaelic and Irish Gaelic audio pronunciation of translations: See more in New English-Irish Dictionary from Foras na Gaeilg

Most Gaelic written consonants vary in pronunciation based on whether they are. So, given that in Gaelic we have twelve consonant letters (ignoring h for the moment) b, c, d, f, g, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, that means theoretically there could be up to 48 different actual sounds -- but luckily, some of them overlap →Gaelic keyboard to type the acute accent & ancient characters • Teanglann: declension & conjugation • BBC: Irish lessons, basic vocabulary (+ audio) (BBC) • Independent: phrases in Irish with English translations (+ audio) • Nualéargais: Irish grammar by Lars Bräsicke (in English or in German) • Daltai: Irish grammar • Irish lessons by Antony Dubach Gree

The Gaelic symbol licence plate is available later at any Access Nova Scotia or Registry of Motor Vehicles Office. The Gaelic symbol licence plate will be issued in sequential order to passenger (i.e. cars and station wagons) and light commercial vehicles up to 5000 kgs. (i.e. trucks, SUVs and vans). New Gaelic Symbol Licence Plat The Gaelic Tree Alphabet. Hugh Asher. 20 September 2020. History, Trees and Hedges. 'Darach' means Oak in Gaelic so 'Darach Croft' means 'Oak Croft'. However, there are other Gaelic words to describe an oak, such as 'Dair' or 'Duir' which come from the more ancient Ogham (OH-am) alphabet. Ogham was predominantly used to. Celtic symbols and meaning are shrouded in folklore and legends which have been popularized even more in this modern era. As these symbols have cryptic meanings and stories to tell, they make excellent tattoo designs. Hence, the relation between Celtic love symbols and tattoo are here to stay for a long time Celtic fonts are among the broadest font group used worldwide, including all Celt/Irish writing styles such as Insular, Uncial, Blackletter, Gothic, and other Gaelic-inspired types. Some of the Celtic fonts are simple sans serifs, while others look more calligraphic adorned with typical symbols such as Celtic knots

Most consulted pronunciations in Scottish Gaelic. Samhain pronunciation Samhain. cat pronunciation cat. e pronunciation e. Alba gu Bràth pronunciation Alba gu Bràth. Alba pronunciation Alba. cailleach pronunciation cailleach. dubh pronunciation dubh. chridhe pronunciation chridhe Celtic Symbols of Ireland and Scotland can be used to express your Irish or Scottish pride at your Celtic themed wedding or hand fasting ceremony. Saved Items 0. Your have not saved any items yet. Click on the Heart icon next to any product to easily come. Horses are the most common animal symbols used by Celtic noblemen in battle. These companions of the gods were known for their beauty, speed, vitality, and fertility.. Celtic horses were animals symbolizing development, healing, rejuvenation, and life in motion.... The man who could take the reins of this representative of the goddesses Epona and Macha was a man who held power in his hands Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] ()) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south

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Feb 19, 2020 - Explore Máire's board Irish on Pinterest. See more ideas about irish, irish language, irish gaelic Also known as the Celtic harp, the Gaelic harp and the clàrsach (by the Scottish people), the Irish harp is an Irish symbol of significant importance. To learn more about the Celtic cross along with other important Celtic symbols, you can read our article titled Celtic Symbols and Their Meanings

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Gaelic is a Celtic language native to Scotland. We believe that Gaelic is an integral part of Scottish identity and should be nurtured and encouraged. 'S e cànan Ceilteach a th' ann an Gàidhlig a tha dùthchasach do dh'Alba. 'S e pàirt deatamach do dhearbh-aithne na h-Alba a th' innte agus tha còir ann a brosnachadh agus a neartachadh Also known as octagrams, eight-pointed stars are ancient symbols that were used by many cultures for various purposes throughout history. Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese people, Babylonians, Native Americans, Christians and Muslims all made use of the symbol. Even neo-Pagans and Wiccans of the modern age are still using it In the Celtic world, there are many Scandinavian influences. Within Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man, the Vikings influences were mainly Norwegian. The Norwegians established significant settlements and then Kingdoms here. In Wales, there were recorded Viking raids and some evidence of small settlements. In Cornwall, strategic alliances were formed with Danish Vikings i

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  1. g an inextricable part of our daily lives, yet unlike our spoken languages, a schooling in.
  2. Browse 189 incredible Celtic Knot vectors, icons, clipart graphics, and backgrounds for royalty-free download from the creative contributors at Vecteezy
  3. Many non-Gaelic names were brought into the country especially during the seventeenth century. At that time it was very much a disadvantage to have a Gaelic or Irish-sounding name so many of the native names were 'anglicized' into a similar sounding Anglo or Scottish name
  4. The symbols created the meaning behind each spoon. For example, a chain symbolized a wish to be together with that person forever, a heart signified love, and a lock meant I will look after you. Besides being a declaration of love, the love spoon was a visual demonstration of the suitor's woodworking skills and proof to the bride's father that he could provide for the man's daughter
  5. d, body, and soul
  6. General Hate Symbols. The white supremacist version of the Celtic Cross, which consists of a square cross interlocking with or surrounded by a circle, is one of the most important and commonly used white supremacist symbols. Although usually called a Celtic Cross by white supremacists, its origins date to the pre-Christian sun cross or wheel.

Ancient Gaelic culture included customs concerning using symbols or totems on battle flags and banners in a sort of proto-heraldry. There is evidence that certain of these symbols were common to specific regions or, clans, septs or other social groups Top Important 35 Ancient Egyptian Symbols. Ancient Egyptian symbols have affected life in ancient Egypt which was a fusion between the spiritual and the physical aspects that became the foundation of their culture that showed in the form of artistic architecture, symbols, amulets, and many objects that were used to bring good fortune and protection Few symbols are as recognizable as the Celtic Cross as the embodiment of Celtic Christianity. It is popularly believed that St. Patrick introduced the Celtic Cross in Ireland, during his conversion of the kings from paganism to Christianity. Some also believe it was St. Columba or St. Declan who introduced it

Download free celtic / gaelic / irish fonts. No hassle, no fuss, find thousands of high quality free fonts on Fontsc Scottish Gaelic in there is a gap between such syllables. This hiatus is denoted by a hyphen (the symbol /-/) in the Phonetic Guide. 'th' is used only in a small number of words to indicate hiatus and is otherwise pronounced /h/. Hiatus examples. laghach /l̴̪ɤ-əx/ - kind; saoghal /sɯ:. The symbols of Clan Donald include the Red Right Hand, The Rampant Lion, Clan Donald's cross, The Celtic Galley, and The Salmon as displayed in this 19th century Somerled Window from Armadale castle as well as many of the wax seals that accompanied the signatures of Clan Donald chiefs for over 600 years. These symbols were often included in a chief's signet ring that made his unique. Irish Phrases The Irish phrases and words below have appeared as a regular article in our Free Monthly Newsletter about Ireland. Gaelic phrases and words, days of the week, days of the month, months of the year Runic symbols have been carved into pieces of hardwood, incised on metal or cut into leather that was then stained with pigment. The most common Runes were smooth flat stones or pebbles with symbols or glyths painted on one side. The practicioner would keep them in a pouch, shake them and scatter the pebbles on the ground

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  1. Celtic symbols can represent family, strength, protection, love and more. This article is divided into two main sections: Celtic Knot Meanings and Other Celtic Symbols (that are not knots). Scroll down halfway to see that one. Celtic Knot Meanings Triquetra (also known as the Trinity Knot
  2. If the symbol you're after is there, just click it. If not, click the More Symbols command, instead. Advertisement. The Symbol window that opens displays a huge number of characters to choose from—3,633 to be exact. Word does help by letting you filter by font and subset, though
  3. The boar symbol carved at Dunadd is sometimes held to be Pictish, but need not be so or might commemorate a period of Pictish occupation. All pit- place names are found east of Drumalban. This evidence appears to indicate a clear difference from at least 100BC up until the 9th century between the area of Dalriada and Pictland to the east and north
  4. Whether you're learning Irish Gaelic or just want to learn a few phrases, greetings are a good place to start. In this article we'll teach you some basic greetings in Irish that you can use to impress your Irish friends (and perhaps inspire you to learn more!).. If you're already a Bitesize subscriber, you can access our full lessons on greetings, complete with audio (Greetings and.
  5. The Truth About Celtic Runes. Posted on June 24, 2011 by JB. I saw a facebook ap recently called Celtic Runes. A friendly note from a frustrated medievalist: I know runes are all mysterious and such (a PSA for another day), and so are the Celts (ditto), but there is no such thing as a Celtic rune. The system of writing used in Ireland.

32,384 masonic symbol stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See masonic symbol stock video clips. of 324. texture spiritual freemasonry masonic spirituality symbol masons sign masonic column ancient spiritual symbols masonic icon vector masonic symbols masons. Try these curated collections Cailleach is a common word in both Scottish and Irish Gaelic meaning old woman or hag.. This current word was derived from Caillech, a term meaning veiled one in Old Gaelic. These terms stem from a base root shared with many others that describe women, such as caillin. Poets have given her different names across time: Digdi. Still widely practiced across Scotland, the practice of first-footing takes place as soon as the clock strikes midnight on Hogmanay.According to local lore, the first person to walk across your threshold as soon as those bells ring should be a tall, dark man bearing gifts of salt, whisky, shortbread, coal and a black bun - anything less will result in a year of bad luck, especially if you. This symbol is actually a unification of two powerful symbols - a cross, representing crossed fire-sticks, within a circle, representing the Sun. Christians use the solar cross as a symbol of power as opposed to earth, which is a link back to its original use. Astrologists use the solar cross to represent the Earth

The 'fiery' symbol of Gaelic resistance The discovery of his remains could shed light on a tumultuous chapter of Irish history Mon, Jun 1, 2020, 01:36. Jane Ohlmeyer. Jane. Gaelic languages, and especially Gaelic names, have a magical quality, in part due to the vanishing and poetic nature of the Gaelic languages. Gaelic names pack a lot of meaning into a few short sounds. Which Gaelic name is meant for you? Take this quiz and find out

Irish [A Dictionary of the Art of Printing]Alphabet clipart celtic, Alphabet celtic Transparent FREEMeaningful Tattoos Ideas - Celtic Symbol for FamilyBLODEUWEDD the OWL - Greeting Card Set Welsh artist Jen

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Gaelic is also sometimes referred to as Erse. Irish Gaelic, often known simply as Irish, is an official language of the Republic of Ireland. Although spoken by only one million people, or about one-third of the population, its use has been strongly encouraged by the government and it is taught in all Irish schools Celtic heritage is a fusion of Iron Age mythology, Celtic gods, symbols, druids and festivals. The old tribal society brings in a naming tradition as ancient as the Celtic peoples themselves! Boys. Girls. Cordelia Unclear. Suggest Name. Denzel Fertile land. Suggest Name. Gus Various Irish Gaelic is the native ancient living language of Ireland. It is two thousand years old. Maybe you call it Gaelic. But that can lead to confusion with the related language spoken in Scotland. In Ireland, we just call it the Irish language, or simply Irish. If you have Irish blood, your ancestors spoke Irish Gaelic This film describes the changing and competing interpretations of the Pictish symbol stones. Using film of visits to some of the most important symbol stones.. Difference Between Gaelic and Celtic Gaelic vs Celtic Generally speaking, Gaelic, also known as Scottish Gaelic, is one of the Celtic languages that belong to the Goidelic branch, and it is a native language in Scotland. Other Gaelic languages that belong to the Goidelic branch are Manx and Irish, which, together with Scottish Gaelic, originated from old Irish

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The Soil Association organic symbol is a registered certification mark (®) of Soil Association Limited. It is the most widely recognised organic symbol and is used on ever 70% of all organic products in the UK. Here is a guide on how to use our symbol and logo Gaelic youth are our Gaelic leaders of tomorrow. On the poster, faces are labeled with their Gaelic names. The faces gently fade away and decrease in size to illustrate time and past generations. CONNECTIONS. Look online for our Gaelic Nova Scotia Month posters Gaelic Runs Deep Here 2017 Our Story to Tell 2018 The Power of our Songs 2019. A simple description of what the Celtic Cross looks like is a cross with a circle. However, the ornate ones are decorated with insular art. It originated during the early Middle Ages, emerging somewhere in Europe. That much we can verify. Some say that St. Patrick introduced the Celtic Cross in attempt to convert pagan kings to Christianity The exclamation symbol in Irish Gaelic is just as it is in English: ! If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Le meas, Siobhán. Reply. Medhat. September 2, 2016 at 10:22 am. could you sent me some phrases along with the pronunciation . Go Raibh maith agat. MEDHAT

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Gaelic baby names have become popular with the English-speaking population, and most of the names are derived from the names of flowers, trees, and plants from lands of the Gaels. The Gaelic boy names fall under the category of Goidelic languages which is one of the two Insular Celtic Languages (originated in Britain and Ireland) Vertalingen van 'Gaelic' in het gratis Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en vele andere Nederlandse vertalingen John P. Pratt, memory pegs for English elements names and chemical symbols Furthermore, chemists and other interested persons of all over the world helped me with additions and corrections in the history and naming of elements: Zdenek Cimpl from Frenstat pod Radhostem, Czech Republic, Febr. 2004. Marco Fontani, Univ. of Florence, Italy, Febr. 2003 Although the many manifestations of the symbol of the tree in Gaelic literature - the axis mundi, the Otherworld tree, the warrior-king as tree, the forest harvest, and so on - can be ultimately traced to the universal archetype of the Tree of Life, these many forms are moulded and expressed according to the unique experiences, traditions and physical environment of Scottish Gaelic society

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